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Questions? - ask Joseph!

This section is to answer, and respond to, the questions of our customers and readers who seek knowledge in the areas related to organics and skin care.

We invite questions about ingredients, farming, and in the past have even had questions about the universe - well, if you insist, we can always ask grandpa the hard ones - we will give you our very best answers and share any research we know as relevant to your inquiries.

Keep in mind, many of your questions can be answered within the pages of this web site.


Q.  I heard that you treat your water specially?
- Dr. Rajni Singh

A.  Yes, we have developed a process to revitalize water, based on the natural turpidity/flow found in Nature that continually revitalizes water, just as in a river or stream.  Water is the only substance on Earth where you can change the molecular structure, without affecting the chemical composition (H20).  This is important because then water, which also acts as a solvent, can therefore be properly utiilized in manufacturing to change the qualtiy and energetic components of products, like organic skin care. Best of all these processes are measurable by science, and can really be felt by our customers.

Water is the most important single element on the Earth. Our bodies are almost completely water. Without water molecules in the air you cannot smell an aroma, see colours, or a rainbow.

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Q. Joe, why should I believe you use no harsh synthetic chemicals, almost every single product on the shelf has them and their companies say they have to put those other ingredients in for various reasons, including as preservatives? I know cause I have asked most of them. - Monica Fuller, California

A. Organics is not about marketing, it is about accountability. While other companies endeavor to use a bit of organic ingredients to make organic claims, they are not fully accountable, and some even may omit part of their ingredients from their label in the pursuit of 'natural' marketing. The OCA in the USA has started to make formal complaints about some of these companies. However, even if another company is using 1% organic ingredients we still support them, because it all helps the organic farmers, and 1% can become 2% and so on...

When a company is Certified Organic it is responsible to list all of its organic ingredients and components, because it becomes as accountable to the equivalent of an organic food grade certification or such product. We are not using synthetic preservatives such as Methyl or Propyl Parabens, as we consider this potentially harmful and have over the course of many years developed processes that use the strengths Nature provides - natural preservatives and antioxidants, such as plant sugar extract, amoung others.

We are also willing to state, in writing, that what is on the label is also 100% in our products, and if you go to our web site link 'Know NOs' you will see that we are also willing to state what we do NOT put in our products. As of 2002 we were the only skin care manufacturer in Canada and USA who qualified to present the USDA logo for 100% Certified Organic on our skin care products. Thankfully, we are no longer the only ones, go organic!


Q.  I would like more in depth articles on the details of your processes?
- Tom Bannister, New York

A.  Absolutely, we have written over 50 articles on numerous aspects of organic processing and sustainable practises.


Q.  I heard that you actually go to your stores and do demos and train the store staff on your organic products and processes, can you come to Oregon so that I can buy directly from my Health Food Store?
- Sabrina Chesney, Salem, Oregon

A.  Sabrina, I would love to, please forward the contact details of your Natural Products Store? for our follow up...


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