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The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quiet, alone with the heavens, nature and God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be and that God wishes to see people happy, amidst the simple beauty of nature.

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Organic Standards vs. Organic Fraud

The organic guarantee of purity & integrity
step by step independent Certification
at all 9 stages of production

It's simple, Organic protocols and standards should include Organic Certification from, Seed to Shelf™.  

Seed to Shelf™ Integrity

The integrity of this process involves independent certification at each and all nine stages of production.  Seed to Shelf™ means Organic or Biodynamic Certification at each step, from;

all seeds are certified organic from the start;
all growing methods - on certified farms;
to cultivation and
harvest methods;
   (eg. no use syn-chems to clean truck beds);
   (cold press or steam distillation only)
   *NO excipiants - chemicals like hexane
   (so bad!) to obain further chemical extraction
   of raw materials);
all processing and preparation of ingredients;
blending of all ingredients and
bottling of the final formulations.

Still yet, there are more proprietary steps to include for the customer and environment's benefit to complete the product life-cycle... taking more time and care.

The Problem

Too many "natural" labels today sport the word "organic" with no basis that it is actually an organic product with organic certification.  

There are certifiers (Eco Cert) who actually will certify a skin care product as "organic" - if ONLY 10% of ingredients are actually certified organic (ok with the rest as petro-chemicals - actually no it is NOT!).  Is this really organic - or cheap, dirty marketing?
(I don't have to answer that, right?)

The word organic, in every case in labeling is legislated to mean, "certified organic", period
... so when you see the word organic on a skin care label, the law clearly states that it must be "certified organic" with a certification logo... you may have noticed that this is not true in the market, that greedy, unscrupulous companies are ripping you (and the planet) off with greenwashing.

It's A Greenwashing Jungle Out There!

Which is why there is a now a significant court case in California, for using the word "organic" fraudulently, inappropriately and misleading consumers.  The companies Dr. Bronner named in the lawsuit for fraudulent mislabeling and misuse of the word "organic", are:

X Hain-Celestial (Jason "Pure, Natural &
   Organic;  Avalon "Organics")
X Levlad (Nature's Gate "Organics")
X Kiss My Face "Organic"
X YSL Beaute Inc (Stella McCartney's "100%
   Organic Active Ingredients")
X Country Life (Desert Essence "Organics")
X Giovanni "Organic Cosmetics"
X Cosway Company, Inc. Head "Organics"
X Country Life, LLC (Dessert Essence "Organics" )
X Certifier Ecocert (France and Delaware)
X Certifier OASIS
X Estee Lauder (Aveda, dropped OASIS cert.)
X ... there are many, many more fraudsters
products in your purse or bathroom?

... over 97% of all labels on the store shelf, in respect to the word "organic" are greenwashing and miss-leading, so watch out for the labels!  Simply ask the company for a copy of their product and ingredient certifications (they likely won't have any, nada, zilch, zero, zippo!). Organic Trader™ has over 60 certifications.

Remember the law in Canada and USA clearly states, that "organic" means "certified organic". (Joseph is on the OTA task force for the Canadian government legislation for the new, Organic Product Regulations organic standards)

Protect Your Family Against Organic Fraud

Protect and guard yourself and your family against numerous personal care companies that use non-organic, pesticide-intensive agricultural and/or petrochemical material to make the main cleansing and moisturizing ingredients of their misbranded "Organic" products.

Read just below here... exactly why consumers should be suspicious about ANY LABEL sporting the word ORGANIC... yes, we want you to scrutinize ours too... because the blatant greenwashing of labels just to get your hard-earned cash - is simply wrong... here is some inside dirt on cheaters.

Organic Cheaters
Jason's, Avalon, Nature's Gate, Kiss My Face, Juice "Organics", Giovanni "Organic Cosmetics", Head "Organics", Desert Essence "Organics", Ikove "Organic" Amazonian

The major cleansing ingredient in Jason "Pure, Natural & Organic" liquid soaps, bodywashes and shampoos is Sodium Myreth Sulfate, which involves ethoxylating a conventional non-organic fatty chain with the carcinogenic petrochemical Ethylene Oxide, which produces caricinogenic 1,4-Dioxane as a contaminant.

The major cleansing ingredient in Avalon "Organics" soaps, bodywashes and shampoos, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, contains conventional non-organic agricultural material combined with the petrochemical Amdiopropyl Betaine.

Nature's Gate "Organics" main cleansers are Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate (ethoxylated) and Cocamidopropyl Betaine.

Kiss My Face "Obsessively Organic" cleansers are Olefin Sulfonate (a pure petrochemical) and Cocamidopropyl Betaine.

Juice "Organics", Giovanni "Organic Cosmetics", Head "Organics", Desert Essence "Organics", Ikove "Organic" Amazonian Avocado Bath & Shower Gel all use Cocamdiopropyl Betaine and no cleansers made from certified organic material. (excerpt from OCA)

If you haven't seen the controversial publication:
Toxins, Danger, Truth & Cancer-Causing Chemicals
in Skin Care & Cosmetics,

the research is SHOCKING - click here.

toxic, cancer causing chemicals in skin care & cosmetics, danger

[ Adobe Flash Player 6 required to view, it's free
most computer have it - click here if required

Learn to read labels & ask for certifications

Organic Trader™ is very meticulous about third-party, independent certification (we have over 60 certifications) at each and every step of the manufacturing processes, including for crucial organic raw materials sourcing.

The result?... pure quality, organic cosmetics, skin, body, hair and baby care, even cleaners... that are honestly pure, organic and sustainable! (and completely septic safe and biodegradable)

click here
to find out more about mis-labeling fraud
and dangerous chemicals in skin care
from the Organic Consumers Assocation.

The Next Generation of Sustainable Farming

The Organic Trader™ crew also very much believes in Certified Biodynamic - a special ideology & method stemming from Dr. Rudolph Steiner's lectures in 1922 - based upon soil science (feeding the soil to feed the plants) and the natural cycles of the moon and planets.  To obtain certification usually takes 7-10 years, as each farm is certified as a whole, living organism.

Biodynamics, Proven in the Field

Biodynamic growing is considered superior to Organic in the way that it is based upon a whole systems, or full circle, approach to sustainability.  Studies also show biodynamic crops consistently contain higher nutrient content in the harvest raw materials, require less water and resist natural pests and extreme climate conditions better. 

Biodynamic methodology is well established in Europe, Egypt and India.  The leader in Biodynamic farming is Australia - currently with over 1.2 million acres of Biodynamic farm land - over 20 x more than the rest of the world combined.

If It's Not Alive, It's Dead

Each and every Organic Trader™ blend is formulated with the knowledge of the benefits in using traditional herbs and essential oils, while keeping in mind the alchemy of the human body (a dynamic, living organism) and Earth (also a dynamic, living organism- known as Gaia).

Organic Trader™ also takes a strong look at what is the environmental impact on using such products, before, during and after; production, usage, and at the end of the product's life-cycle, even during discardage.  We are currently working on biodegrabable plastic containers made instead of from the usual tree fibre, with hemp fibre - preventing further destruction of our forests.

EcoStar Green

It isn't enough... all organic standards are based ONLY on what goes INTO the bottle - and not the bottles used, or the labels - or how they are made, or even what happens to the packaging during and after product use. [ it makes absolutely no sense to cut down trees for labels to go on "organic" products ]

For any company to claim it is "sustainable" it MUST take into account, and ACT UPON all elements within the business itself, as well as raw materials sourcing and final product lifecycle.

We Come from Nature,
Why Not Learn from Nature ?

This whole systems approach is how Nature has been working since the beginning of time.  In Nature everything is useful and benefits something else... why not us, as humans, endeavour to follow this example?

At Organic Trader™ this very question has evolved into the most comprehensive environmental and sustainable standard in the world today.  EcoStar Green™.

Organic is Not Enough,
what then is Beyond Organic

EcoStar Green™ standards of sustainability evolved because 'organic' was a good place to start, but it is now no longer enough... EcoStar Green™ is the standard designed to answer the questions of what is "beyond organic", and consider the bigger, more important question of genuine sustainability.

Eco Innovations Saving Old Growth Forests

All of our product labels - we are proud to say - are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified ancient forest-friendly (tree-free) paper, made 100% with wind power.

Eco-blessings, Joseph & Zach

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Let children walk with Nature, let them see the beautiful blendings and communions of death and life, their joyous inseparable unity, as taught in woods and meadows, plains and mountains and streams of our blessed star, and they will learn that death is stingless indeed, and as beautiful as life.

John Muir


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