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"Until man duplicates a blade of grass, Nature
can laugh at his so-called 'scientific knowledge'.

Thomas Edison

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Eco Politics... or Plain Common Sense ?

If One is able to have a firm stand on anything, perhaps, it could just be on this Earth.  The Earth we share.  Taking a stand on living in balance, concern and peace with all living things.

One can firmly and quietly stand up for such things, such ideas.  We stand on this living, breathing rock as She holds us up and supports us every day.  Even in our eco blindness we are still One and same with this beautiful being Gaia - the Earth.  We breathe Her life, her breath and beauty - she sustains us unselfishly and with relentless forgiveness, moment to moment.

The Australian aboriginees believe that rocks are alive and hold memories, and that we are only reflections of our vibrations - do not be afraid to remember the magnificence that you are, everyday.

We may not really have a political stance after all... since when did religions forget the first religion was the Earth ?... aren't all churches built upon the one great, natural 'Church of Earth'?... and what does politics, which is based upon one party's interests dominating over another, have to do with a species (humanity) living together on this one planet, don't we all have a common interest ?  Out of our common interest can we not achieve common sense ?

I am not sure if a bear, a honey bee, a sunflower, a child or an acorn needs opinions or any politics.  Though, I am sure that they need my consideration, kindness, and possibly, protection.

I dare say, that one day the true will of all creatures great and small will become evident in the way that we choose to live as One - in harmony with ourselves and all creatures here - a business can also successfully be part of the change for humanity's future.

My beliefs come from the simple observation of Nature, from living in the forest.  To live and to observe these gifts - they are us, as ALL of us are the air we breathe, the sky, the soils, waters.

This Earth, even as we collectively damage the environment, our Earth still regrows and becomes green again every Spring, bears fruit every harvest season, and allows rain to fall upon our closed eyes, so that we may gently open our eyes to all of Nature`s wonders.

It is not the Earth that needs saving, if humanity does not rise above our ignorance to do better, then we as a species will die... the Earth will go on anyway, without us.

I have no politics of which I can speak.  Trying to make change with empty words would only be as effective as a roofing tile in a hurricane.  Empty words with no decisive action would dishonour, not only my great grand-parents, but also the future of my children and also those that are still to come to this life on Earth.

√ I choose to live my beliefs as a prayer in motion, as solid action in my daily work, which now seems more like play, or even a dream!

√ these are really the decisive moments of my life, moments that I hope you may hear or feel when you pick up one of our organic products.


- Joseph Borkovic, April 2003


It is a wholesome and necessary thing for us to turn again to the earth and in the contemplation of her beauties to know of wonder and humility.

Rachel Carson


- Amazing Kids
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