"They say the chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.  
The chains you put around yourself now have enormous consequences as you go through life."
-- Warren Buffett

Thank-you for visiting my Eco-business Bio page to find out
a bit about the personal and 'business side' of Joseph Borkovic, father to Zachary.

Personally speaking... In life, it's all about Life, the quality and value we can bring in our personal, family, and community experiences.  

My Grandpapa told me, "When you stop listening to your own inner voice - ignoring the truth that is always with you - then bit by bit, you will start lying to yourself and others, becoming a useless cog in the machine."

It is not a cliche that there is only ONE planet, Mother Earth.  There is only one of you, therefore you must look after you... I hope you do!  In my life, the way I understand integrity, is such - that looking after the Earth is of the same importance, as my own needs - for I know that all/every part of my body came from the Earth, and will go back to Her... what I do in between, is up to me, to make it count!

I hope this page helps to turn you completely green...

I believe and live by - If you're in business, any business, and even if you 'just buy things' -> then by Nature's evolutionary design -> YOU ARE PARTICIPATING IN the (life) commerce stream of this planet - so, you already ARE in/an eco-business !... you just may not have come to know it yet - heck, there is just one Spaceship Earth:

Even if you just bought a t-shirt, chocolate bar, or coffee... was it organic, fair trade ?
   ... heck, your simple choices do make a difference, because there is a stream of events that happen worldwide just to get that one cup of coffee to you, your $2 espresso affects a farmer, his/her family and land, birds, animals, a community, your health, and much in between... and it is okay to care !

Personal note from (me) Joseph:              <for a bit of fun... click here for a free tip>

I believe that to really, really live Life, sometimes (hopefully often) you must stop working.  Work is always there, but your life, family, friends... those may not be, one day certainly won't be.  Live now.  So no matter how important your work might make you seem to others (or yourself) in business - train your mind to properly receive clarity - you're really not anybody until you figure out how to LIVE your life within the love of those connecting around you.  Live for real, within your integrity... and if you can do what you love, care about, you will never work a day in your life!!

Take the time, before it takes you. 

Every next moment is a new, second-chance.  Break away, I double-dawg dare ya !

Start of Joseph's Eco-business bio;

Joseph, a father, friend, ecopreneur and Inspirationist - works as an eco-business strategist and consultant
sharing exclusive technology and cutting-edge innovations and techniques for ecological and sustainable formulations, eco-business methods and processes. [ Translation: a 'no bull' approach to clean business practises of integrity. ]

Joseph is also available as an inspiring, dynamic (no bull), funny and entertaining public speaker on topics of:

√  Sustainable eco-business leadership
√  Personal and family leadership
√  Not giving up on your Dreams, and inner motivation
√  Proper thinking techniques (ie: read Albert & Bucky explained) for genuine results
√  The ultimate eco-business model - Ecopreneur101 - what the heck to do ?... hint, it's YOU !

It is not very well known - though it is a fact, Joseph is one
of the best kept secrets in the eco-business world, period.

[ Bear witness to the testament - Organic Trader has never placed an industry/business advertisement since 1999, yet still (carefully) builds a savvy and successful client base, word of mouth.  In most cases, clients become part of the 'eco-family'.... and Joseph is THE sustainable godfather. ]

What Does Your Green Organization Need ?

Joseph consults to, and creates business programs for: fair trade and certification
organizations, co-operatives, women's groups, organic and small farming
organizations that lobby congress in the US, indigenous peoples, Australian and
European companies, as well, Joseph is on the OTA task force for the legal standards
for the new Organic Production Regulations for the Canadian Government.

There’s no sense in being precise when you don’t even know what you’re talking about.
– John von Neumann

[ The mathematician Jean Dieudonné called von Neumann "the last of the great mathematicians" ]

Back Your Project by 30 Years of Gut, Street Level Experience

To knowledgeable industry insiders Joseph is considered
one of the foremost authorities on organic ingredient processing
and sustainable methods in the green and ecological evolution
for the organic personal care field.  Inventing eco-processes and
methods previously unavailable in the field of organic ingredient
formulations and organic certifications.

Joseph's current hourly rate for business consultation is $275 per hour.
Note from Joseph: "I personally guarantee that you will receive monumental value - not a penny less, and heaps more !... OR, not only all your money back, but I will also do 25 push ups... so let's just do good business !"

The Dalai Lama says that Buddha would smile at his followers when disagreements rose up and say:
"People with opinions always go around bothering each other!"

It's Easier Than You Might Think !

What you don't know in business DOES hurt you, no exceptions here.

Most initial contracts run 1-2 hours, because Joseph does not waste time, period.  
After 30 years of business experience (and every kind of bull crap invented),
Joseph really, simply knows how to concisely expand upon the best of that
30 years eco-experience into the most relevant format for your brain and
business benefit - consider it your ecological & sustainable Vulcan mind-meld.
It is not unusual that one suggestion from Joseph will increase a company's
sales by $1 million per annum, or for smaller companies, double or triple bottom line sales.

You Wanna Do This For Real ?... OK

To Joseph it doesn't matter how big (or small) you are - NO - what does matter
is that you have integrity, are ready, and want to implement: green, ecological
and sustainable products and eco-practises in your business NOW.

It Is Not Just What You Have to Say - But How You Say It !

Joseph's extensive business background allows relevant and specialized
consultation for small company start ups, new organic product launches and
demographic positioning, cutting edge sustainable packaging options, USDA
certifications and is considered one of the best copywriters in the green/sustainable
marketing arena in the world.  

"One savvy, properly-placed letter/sales page can be worth $10,000 or $1m in sales traffic
... I know, because I've done it !" ~ Joseph Borkovic

[ ie: After hiring Joseph - many clients express their dismay (or shock) at their own previously wasted time and months or years of wasted searching and valuable time and resources, before they got to Joseph.  Joseph's insider experience allows his clients to get right to the proper, master point, the genuine eco-objective - now. ]

"Create and structure a strategy, make the right preparations, get into your market, generate cash flow and see the return of your investment, and do it all smartly and sustainably - period."

Fortune 500 & Hollywood

Joseph also shares his years of unique industry and eco-business insider secrets
with select Fortune 500 companies, and privately consults to Hollywood insiders,
including the top A-list celebrities on the latest eco-natural anti-aging formulations.

We Will Always Keep Sharing & Teaching

Due the popularity of our organic private label program internationally,
Joseph is only generally able to meet with clients on a paid business
consultation basis, however, is available to all clients for specific project/
referral work, by phone or e-mail, at no charge
... and is the reason that the Ecopreneur 101™ program is being created,
so that any business can learns the tricks and traps of eco-commerce,
organics and sustainability.

We All Get to Choose - choose wisely !

It also may be of note, that Joseph turns down any work for companies
or individuals, that: 'simply don't get it !'
and only want information for greenwashing, confusing and miss-marketing
hogwash to consumers, only for the 'idea' of organic and sustainability,
and not for the actuality or reality of our true responsibility as stewards of (eco) commerce.

Joseph emphasizes at all times, that we must remember, we all share one Earth.

Public Speaking

Joseph is also gaining popularity as a dynamically inspiring, forthright (ie; no bull)
and invigorating public speaker, and is noted to be an entertaining and extraordinary
storyteller, sharing his experiences about his own father and son journey, tales of renegade activism and heart-felt, true stories about what it takes to just not give up, and how to hold onto your dreams.

Did you know ?

[ Many folks do not know, that Joseph started penniless & homeless with his 3 year old son,
and all that they built today, started with a father and son Promise to help the dolphins, by collecting 5 cent pop cans, street ingenuity, guts and deepest caring for Earth - a deep understanding
acquired while living in wild Nature, in the forests of Vancouver Island ]

Joseph's speaking rate starts at $7500, plus travel expenses, with special discounts
for schools, co-operatives, organic farming and non-profit groups.

< end of Bio excerpt >

If you have any questions, concerning your project, please call or e-mail, and we will
get them answered.

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I Cannot Teach Anybody Anything – I Can Only Make Them Think.
– Socrates