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“What is my life if I am no longer useful to others.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Organic Trader™
Private Label & Contract Manufacturing

A Leader & Innovator in Sustainable & Organic Products

Industry insiders recognize Organic Trader™ Canada as the world's premiere, leading innovator in the area of organic contract manufacturing, sustainable products and eco packaging.  In a blind (unannounced) shelf test done by the gov't in Australia, and verified by an independent laboratory - our products, out of all products pulled off the shelves, were found to be #1 and #2 most environmentally friendly (with least impact/no impact on the environment, including being septic and waterways safe).

An award-winning pioneer in sustainable & ecological business practises, is another reason why our customers feel, "Organic Trader™ is one of the best kept secrets in private label."

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How Did You Find Us ?

Once in a while, lucky folks may hear about us, or find us by 'accident', or (as we have heard) with a Google search. Though, over the years we have seen that authentic quality & reliable service will be shared by word of mouth, as people easily do share and 'buzz' about new eco product discoveries that they love.  That is exactly why Organic Trader™ does not attend industry events, tradeshows or spend one dollar on advertisement.  

We know people simply champion our formulations/brands through their own experiences with our product performance, and then naturally share these experiences with others they care about.  Perhaps that is why our green, sustainable products are finding their way onto international shelves... will your brand be next ?

For Us Country Bumpkins - Celebrity Recognition is...
well... Like Having a Quiet Outhouse & a Good Roll of Toilet Paper

We are fortunate to be able to say that our quality has been shared or experienced by many interesting folks, some of whose names you may recognize: Demi Moore, Hillary Clinton, Jann Arden, Brooke Sheilds, Harrison Ford, Anne Archer, Michelle Pfeiffer, Joseph Borkovic (opps, that's me - ha ha), Gwyneth Paltrow, Woody Harrelson & Cameron Diaz to name a few...  

Are we name dropping here ?... well, obviously yes, because if you are reading this page - you're trying to figure out if Organic Trader™ is for REAL - worth dealing with - right ? - so maybe this will help your decision to call us to find out more about private label - though, if not... heck, we do realize celebrities or not, all our customers are important, especially if it's YOU !... so please read on !

When I was little, my grandpapa used to say, "Remember no one is bigger than you - just honestly live by your heart and you can look 'em right in the eye." then he would laugh and say, "... don't tell your mother... but no matter who or where you are, everyone pulls their pants down at least once a day, to sit on a toilet." 

To me, at the age of 6, this was advice fit for a king.  Funny thing was, grandpapa's words are what I remembered when meeting Queen Elizabeth II (she was really nice!) at Windsor Castle in 1982 (on a rugby tour), which helped me just be myself!  I still hear grandpapa laughing.

Rolling Up the Sleeves to Give Back

Organic Trader™ is directly involved in developing the legislative groundwork for the Canadian government (as well as working in USA, Australia & UK) to establish and implement organic standards legal regulations.  Our goal in this respect is to help create a strong and ethical framework that beneficially impacts consumer markets while supporting our local economies through green commerce, parity for farmers and trade with organic, permaculture and biodynamic farms & their communities.  When you become our customer this is the ethical framework you are supporting - both behind you with our eco manufacturing standards, and in front of you for your own valued customers.

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Worldwide Brands with Quality, Custom Private Label

Our premium products program folllows Canada Certified Organic & USDA NOP contract manufacturing (private label) guidelines, and our custom formulations have been tried and tested over the years, all in preparation for the day you are ready to launch your own brand.  

We directly source or eco-manufacture our own exclusive certified organic herbal blends, as well as natural and organic personal/skin care, organic body care, organic facial care, organic baby & mom care, organic pet care & grooming supplies, organic horse grooming products, organic household eco-clearners, organic salon & spa products.  Organic Trader™ products don't cost the Earth™.

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
than are dreamt of in your philosophy”

William Shakespeare

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Unique & Exclusive Innovation Advantage for Small Business

While we do have some larger volume clients, Organic Trader™ has spent a number of years developing several proprietary technologies to give small businesses some very big advantages - never before possible in such small runs - in the venue of contract manufacturing for a small business, on a tight budget.

For the first time, our unique formulations are now available - where a small business can put its own name, logo and contact information on a very, very small order amount with free shipping anywhere in Canada-USA.  The same service is now available in EURO for Europe.

Saving a small business much development time and the high costs usually associated with private label, our customers are calling Micro-private label™ simply revolutionary for their business.

Organic Trader™ Protocols for sharing information.  
1.  First present yourself and your business in writing.  (intelligently, if possible)
2.  Tell us about yourself, where you're from, your dreams, your business goals.

Articles you may request, once you share #1 & 2.

Just e-mail us, tell us about yourself and make your request, at;
services (a) organictradercanada dot com
(edit, cut & paste to avoid spam)

√ 3 Levels of Private Label Services.pdf
√ Artwork Guide.pdf
√ Reciprocal Confidentiality.pdf
√ Custom PL Questionaire.pdf (new product sheet)
√ Detergent Review.pdf (showing our cleaners #1 most environmental)
√ Eco-cleaners background and standards sheet.pdf
√ ecoEarth Label™ fact sheet.pdf
√ Ethical Standards in Eco Manufacturing.pdf
√ HDPE and plastics facts.pdf (why we use non-PVC bottles)
√ Preservative systems.pdf (Hydroxyglycinate facts)
√ Lab & Quality Control Summary.pdf
√ mPL Order Guidelines.pdf
√ PL Labeling Guidelines.pdf (courtesy list, of do/don't for labels)
√ PO salon mPL brochure.pdf (info. also applicable for other businesses)
√ Contract Manufacturing Terms & Conditions.pdf
√ Label Design Template.pdf (guideline of label artwork possibility)
√ Social Justice Shea Butter.pdf (ingredient program helping African women)
√ Tips on first using Organic Shampoo.pdf
√ Unacceptable List.pdf (list of Organic Trader banned ingredients)
√ Water Quantum Structure in Eco Manufacturing.pdf
... this is only a partial list, we will respond to your needs

An Industry First For Small Business

Organic Trader™ is the exclusive worldwide inventor and proprietor of our micro-Private Label™ program for your business.  For our full colour mPL (micro-Private Label™) brochure, or to have this and more articles e-mailed to you...
please... just e-mail and request our mPL 2p brochure, at;
services (a)
(cut, paste e-mail & add '@' - to avoid spam)

We are here to help you smartly and ethically expand your business, if you would like to make your request by phone, and maybe ask a few questions - please call Monica, Alex or Joseph today; 778 455-1929

Commitment to Quality and Customer Service Integrity

Involved in organic skin care since 1999, the Organic Trader™ team provides sustainable personal care products to the natural product & organic industry (without 'industry' synthetics or petro-chemicals).  Our business has evolved to fill an eco manufacturing niche for specialty creams, lotions, ointments, shampoo, soaps and eco-cleaners for a number of markets, such as; health practitioners, salons, spas, pet store/vets/groomers, baby & mom stores, speciality/gift, tattoo parlours, sex/intimacy boutiques and for medical professionals.  Known throughout the industry for integrity, reliability and product superiority.

Our expanding organic expertise includes; skin care, hair care, health and beauty aid items, masks, scrubs, eye gels, lotions as well as certified organic USDA NOP personal care blends which can be customized exclusively for your own brand. You may wish to note, our products are also completely certified vegan & vegetarian friendly by PETA.

“Have the courage to say no.
Have the courage to face the truth.
Do the right thing because it is right.
These are the magic keys to living your life with integrity.”

W. Clement Stone

Step by Step, Let's Get You Started In Your Business Success

From sustainable product concepts, green branding, eco packaging, niche marketing, and custom formulation to final distribution models, Organic Trader™ offers the proven consulting expertise, services and product development skills for your desired range & private label brand.

Talk to us, if you are especially looking for ecological and sustainable options, such as; certified FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) virgin forest-free labels, made 100% with wind power, ecoEarth labels™ (click here for link), EcoStar Green™ standards & certification, organic personal care product certification, organic skin care in greener packaging options, that your customers will truly appreciate.

Complete Procurement of Ethical Raw Materials
& Sustainable Components

At Organic Trader™ we love natural manufacturing and filling of organic creams, lotions, shampoos, splashes, body butters, gels, facial care and washes - but organic is not enough... so we also buy ethical, fair trade/social justice ingredients that directly and positively impact communities. (Click here to read and be inspired by our social justice ingredient program!).

For example, our amazing hand-crafted and certified organic shea butter comes from a women's co-operative in a village in Ghana, Africa.  Money, from our purchase of this shea butter, goes directly to support their families, and allows the children to go to school.  This is what it is possible to support when you partner with Organic Trader™, while building your business and own brand.

Product formulation and stability testing are done in our state-of-the-art organic blending plant & laboratories.

GMP and Health Canada registered, FTC, USDA, FDA compliant products, as well as worldwide export certificates.

Custom product formulations, private label and contract manufacturing are now available for Canada, USA and international markets from our rugged West Coast, Vancouver Island offices near Cowichan Bay.  Come visit us, to really see what we have to offer your business and brand.  You may also enjoy the majestic Eagles, Orca (Killer Whales) and maybe even the elusive & legendary Sasquatch (yup, he shops at our store).

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Innovative, Sustainable Research & Development is the cornerstone of Organic Trader™ business.  Our team will personally work closely with YOUR VISION to insure that your new products meet all your design criteria.  We deliver products and services that meet the changing needs of our/your customers and those of the market.

Organic Trader™ is family owned and run, and we are proud of our ability to be responsive to you, our customer!  We excel in the area of new product development and manufacturing.  Prepare to be pleased!

Quality Check Lab Control™ is responsible for all client; In Process Checks, Adjustments and Product Matching.

A pick list is issued and components are staged outside the filling room to ensure all the components are available in correct amounts.

During the filling process, samples are again taken and evaluated by Quality Check Lab Control™ assurance process to insure the product meets proper fill and control specifiations, and overall product quality including, aroma, appearance and texture.

All filling processes are performed under Current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and EcoStar Green™ sustainable guidelines.

Joseph Borkovic
Organic Trader™ Canada

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“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength,
while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

Lao Tzu

Customer Service

Each customer is assigned a dedicated customer service representative who is properly trained to help get you started while carefully listening to your business needs to achieve results.

Your customer service rep will track and report the progress and status of each order.

Formulations, samples, order status and inventory information are updated, as able to confirm.

We work with you every step of the way and inform you of the progress as your product moves from formula to reality. If you're ready to take the next step - then please contact us today and let us assist you in getting your own product to the market that is waiting for your brand.


Customer Service:

We work to guide you
- every step of the way.

If you're ready to take the next step please contact Heather or Joseph today...

778 455-1929
or e-mail
services (a)


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