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The mineral & plant worlds bring to the Earth the abundance of life that provides the basis of existence for all living things. The plant lives through light and photosynthesis. In partnership with the Sun, Nature's characteristic transformation of substances is the Earth's expression of life, which cannot be duplicated or copied exactly or adequetely in the laboratory.

Albert Einstein gave us a clue, when he said;

"Look deep into Nature, and there you will understand everything better."

Synthetics are often said to be more durable, more economical and more practical than their natural counterparts, but what do those mere words mean?  We must remember that synthetics do not consider the cycle of life. They arise from reductionist, chemical analysis and compositions intellectually dissected in a laboratory. Whereas it is within the alchemy of Nature's vast secrets that transformation of a substance occurs.

Is this complex process not our direct link, through the veil, to the unknowable cosmic design?

A synthetic product may have properties and effects similar to the natural product, but this narrow measurment/view is not sufficient for an accurate qualitative whole systems assessment. One that also must consider future impact. The origin of the substance as well as the process in which it is obtained and developed are also crucial factors... if we are to care about sustainability and quality of life.

The crew at Organic Trader™ Canada takes into consideration not only the composition of its ingredients, we also look closely at the growing conditions such as Organic, Biodynamic & Permaculture sustainable farming methods, the locations of growth, such as native plants and wildcrafted natural growth. Whenever possible, we grow or locally source most of our own herbs.

Our extraction methods do not use chemical constituents, liquid CO2 processing, solvent extractions, mineral or animal oil enfleurage methods. We derive our herbal oils by florentiner flask method and a method of steam extraction.

The herbs are then blended with organic oils, extracted oils and infused herbal waters. Gum plant material is added for stability and a natural seed extract is added to prolong the life source.

At the Organic Trader™ family "organics" is not just a word, for us it is a deeply traditional lifestyle with a philosophy and ideal that is rooted in the millenia of Mother Earth.

'Organics' started out as a method of sustainability in respect, of and with, Nature - our team works hard (and with love) to bring you all this goodness in each special bottle of our products. Some have called our work 'an organic homage or living prayer to nature'... simply, it is our 'message in a bottle' for a better life™. Please give us a chance, and give us a good try. We just might both be glad we found each other. Thank-you!

Joseph Borkovic, Ecopreneur™

For A Better Life™





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