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Thank-you for inquiring about our Private Label & contract services.

Please note:
Organic Trader™ production is already booking up for this year and part of next, please contact us today to start the process to get you to production.

Please note:
This is specific to new private label/bulk or contract manufacturing inquiries only.  Please plan as far ahead as you possibly can!  Organic is hot in the market and lead time will make (or break) your logistics.  All custom orders are done in order of priority, which are scheduled once first deposit is made.

(This does not affect our wholesale clients for mPL (micro-Private Label™) program
  or the wholesale purchase of our own house brands.)


Due to continuing and growing market response and numerous daily inquiries from all market segments **Organic Trader™ requests** that all serious, new inquiries... begin their orientation, by requesting the:

Organic Trader™ Private Label Starter eco-Package.

The package is categorized and extensive, between all the articles, papers and spreadsheets - YOU WILL have virtually all the answers for your initial questions by utilizing these materials and by reading through our web sites.

We ALSO definitely recommend requesting the FREE copy
of our NEW DVD, The Promise - in the DVD the bonus section contains
information on sustainable business practises and private label

plus much more...
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Organic Trader™ Private Label Starter eco-Package
-> optional articles you
may request:

√ 3 Levels of Private Label Services.pdf
√ Artwork Guide.pdf
√ Reciprocal Confidentiality.pdf
√ Custom PL Questionaire.pdf (new product sheet)
√ Detergent Review.pdf (showing our cleaners #1 most environmental)
√ Eco-cleaners background and standards sheet.pdf
√ ecoEarth Label™ fact sheet.pdf
√ Ethical Standards in Eco Manufacturing.pdf
√ HDPE and plastics facts.pdf (why we use non-PVC bottles)
√ Preservative systems.pdf (Hydroxyglycinate facts)
√ Lab & Quality Control Summary.pdf
√ mPL Order Guidelines.pdf
√ PL Labeling Guidelines.pdf (courtesy list, of do/don't for labels)
√ PO salon mPL brochure.pdf (info. also applicable for other businesses)
√ Contract Manufacturing Terms & Conditions.pdf
√ Label Design Template.pdf (guideline of label artwork possibility)
√ Social Justice Shea Butter.pdf (ingredient program helping African women)
√ Tips on first using Organic Shampoo.pdf
√ Unacceptable List.pdf (list of Organic Trader banned ingredients)
√ Water Quantum Structure in Eco Manufacturing.pdf
... this is only a partial list, we will taylor to your needs

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Please, just ask us, by telephone or by e-mail;

phone: (250) 929.1929 - ask for Colleen or Joseph


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... include in the header, " my private label starter eco package "
your contact information:
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2. your business name
3. your business or daytime phone # with area code
4. a brief description of your project and vision
[ Accurate contact info. is required to receive our proprietary eco package ]

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you, or any involved business associates and contacts,
agree to, and are legally bound by our, Intellectual
Property Notice and our Confidentiality and Non-disclosure
Terms, posted with the Legal / Copyright Notiice on this web site.
 Please do not mis-use our proprietary material.

After receiving your package,
we will follow up with you to help further answer your questions,
and to introduce our 'Introductory Samples" options.

Organic Trader™ Canada specializes in;

√ green business practises
√ eco-marketing and branding services
√ exclusive, authentic organic products & formulations
√ private label, contract manufacturing
√ sustainable packaging options

eco sales team: Colleen or Joseph - (250) 929.1929

Thank-you for helping us to serve your important customer needs BETTER!

My grandpapa used to say,
"When something is important - do it!... waiting an extra day, in reality only adds more like, a week of extra work or even bad luck... you already know it's time because you are thinking about it, get in the game, just start - it's worth it!"

Joseph Borkovic, Ecopreneur™
Organic Trader™ Canada

Founder Credentials:

Joseph is one of 13 people in Canada to participate in the OTA task force for the Canadian government legal Organic Product Regulations standards, choosing the actual Canada Organic Logo, support of USDA implementation, Australia ACO/BFA processes, consulting on FTC, Health Canada & FDA regulations for labels and accurate marketing/claims.

Joseph Borkovic, is a business and industry veteran, consultant to *government(s), family start ups, and established companies.  Expertise is invoiced at $275 per hour; in areas of natural and organic product formulations, legal and government legislations, green branding, eco-marketing, natural and organic product formulations, as well as the latest technologies in sustainable packaging and ecological ingredients.

Joseph's business, marketing & copywriting expertise is by appointment.
[ you do not have to hire Joseph to order private label products,
only if you wish additional advice & expertise for your business ]

Call today to schedule the best time (250) 929.1929
to get an eye-opening jump start for your business vision & direction.

This is my personal guarantee:

"I guarantee our time together will be WORTH IT!  If you are not genuinely, 100% satisfied and WOW'ed by the scope of our conversation, AND gain some valuable business insight from our chat, then I have done you a misdeed and will refund all your consulting money, plus I will personally send you an additional gift, in respect of your valuable time."

"I give you my word on that!"

Genuinely, Joseph

Organic Trader™ Canada

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